To God Be The Glory

Recent Events...


This is my new personal trainer and strength coach, Larnell Marion!


Coach Steve continues as my running and speed coach.

They both help me nutrition wise!

  I thanked God I was not hurt 

I thanked God no one else was hurt. Because I’m on blood thinner, I chose to go to the hospital to make sure I had no internal bleeding. I thanked God I did not.

I thanked God I have full coverage thanks to Troy and Christy Dunn. I thank God that my friend Dennis Hester signed me up for Legal Shield a few years ago and I was able to get legal advice without cost and very quickly!

I thank God I’m doing very well and ran one mile Monday morning!

What else can I say??


Bill and U.S. Congresswoman Kay Granger February 20, when she was the guest speaker at a

N.E. Tarrant County Chamber of Commerce banquet 

Congratulations, Bill!

Honorary Lifetime Member of the

Iraan/Sheffield Chamber of Commerce!


Events by Chef Tyler

  This is Chef Tyler, my most influenced friend,

who started back to running and has lost over 100 pounds!


May 25, 2019 - USA Track and Field

Six Gold Medals.

First and only so far in 2019, due to an old injury that popped up.

Friday, October 04 2019

I volunteered to help Tarrant County Texas Precinct 3 Commissioner Gary Fickes in his annual Empowering Seniors Expo! The best Commissioner in Texas!


  Wednesday October 02, 2019

I was invited by Dr Erin Nelson to speak to a group of 60 new students in the beautiful new Medical School in Fort Worth, TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine, to help them better understand the results of aging on health and wellness, and to be empathetic in their care and treatment of the elderly. 

It was such a wonderful and exciting honor to be able to do this! I hope they will use me in the future! I was treated like a celebrity!



School of Medicine